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Custom Scrimshaw for Guns and Knives

Portraits - Wildlife - Military Insignia - Western Alias - Logos

Imagination is our only limitation!
Inch by Inch add value and distinction to your personal arms.  Scrimshaw is a permanent etching perfect for personalizing guns and knives used daily as well as show pieces and collector's editions.
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Daggers by Knife Maker - Dan Graves
Spurs and Brand with Barbed Wire trim
Custom Design for J. Garcia
Custom Grips for Floyd Mayes
Wyatt Earp & Johnny Ringo
Custom Orders
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Hobbies & Special Interest
Military Insignia
Classic Venus.
Eagle w/ talon and ribbon trim
Watchful Eyes
Grizzly Grips - Full Scrimshaw
Day Lillies in Bloom
Growling Grizz - Limited Edition
(sold out)
Wolf Hunt
Wolf Watch
One day .... 
a close friend handed me a pouch and asked if I could create my artwork using the metal scribe and bottle of ink that it contained.   He and his fiance had a promising business creating custom knives, ceremonial flutes and music, and there were so many orders for his beautiful antler handled knives that he needed to collaborate with an artist in order to focus on the knifemaking.  Always up for a challenge, I quickly learned the art of scrimshaw and continued to work with him over the next ten years creating countless scrimshaw artworks and completing three 150 pc limited edition collections.
Samples of Knives scrimmed for Paul Hacker-Knife Maker
With more ...
space available on most gun grips custom orders from gun enthusiast and western shooters added a new element of interest to my designs.  Where else would you have an order for a full collection of guns scrimmed with all six grandcildren, a pine coffin for Doc Caddo, cougars taking down and elk on sweet mother of pearl grips, restoration of a cowboy saloon scene on antigue ivory grips, classic nudes , historical portraits  and so much more ...
In my travels   ...
from Texas to Montana, I met many wonderful artists, knife makers and gun collectors.  Soon I was taking in custom orders from both gun and knife collectors, including requests to restore antique pieces whose art had faded.  Scrimshaw took on a whole new element of fun with the rise in popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting events and their requests to illustrate their competition "aliases" like Lightning Luther and Doc Caddo.